The Annual Trek To Vail

Each year the Olde Colorado gang heads to Vail for the annual (that's how it works when you go each year) golf and relax outing.  We've been doing this for over 25 years.  We get older, the old stories get wilder (and Jerry - you still can't speak French).  On this page I will share a few pictures from the most recent two trips.  This years' trip got somewhat interrupted as one of the old guys became a grandpa and had to depart from the 14th tee to head back down the mountain (that's Doug).  At least it was the second day of golf.  He at least got one whole round of flogging in before the big event. 

Well, here goes for the visual memories.  We'll start with the gang (minus the photog who stays out of pictures)

What a handsome group.  But you guys are definitely older than you were when we started taking this trek.  Of course Sandy, you are not included in that comment since I have to live with you (you will always be 33, right Ed).  Also you probably weren't even born when the rest of us started going to Vail.

Next we'll take a look at the main scene of these crimes - The Tivoli Lodge.  We have been staying there ever since we started this adventure.  Sandy and I were even Married up on Vail Mountain and had our reception at the Tivoli.  This whole Olde Colorado gang was there for that too.  Jerry had one of his famous quips as we walked up to the Eagle's Nest amphitheater for the ceremony.  Jerry leaned over to me and said  "you know, it's all down hill from here."  

Thanks to the Lazier's for keeping it going all this time.  And also to all of the employees of the Tivoli that have made our stays there even more enjoyable (Kern, especially you).

Here is the Clock Tower at the corner of Bridge Street and Gore right in the middle of Vail Village.  We've seen a lot of changes over the years in Vail, but this structure has been a constant.

And again at night.

Doug and LuAnn by Gore Creek as we wait for Breakfast at Blu's

Jerry and Mary strolling by the shops.  Com'on Mary, make up your mind whether you want to buy that or not!

The flowers are always gorgeous.

And there is always lots of time for this too.  Exposing your self to art that is.

Then it's off to our favorite golf course - Eagle Vail.  We have been playing this course since it was just a couple of years old.  The first time I ever played it I walked the course.  I'm not that dumb anymore - - at least not about walking the golf course.  We're standing on the 1st tee ready to begin.

 This is the 1st tee.  There are full grown trees between the tee and the fairway, you just can't see them because you are a lot higher than the fairway (pictures don't do the elevation changes justice).

Doug, what are you doing over by that creek and what is your hand doing reaching in that back pocket.  Richard, we may have caught another one of those guys with a magic pocket.

This is the 6th hole.  The Eagle River runs across in front of the tee box and all along the left side of the fairway and green.  We all love this hole.  That skinny tree is our favorite aiming point.

This is the 9th tee.  The number 1 handicap hole.  I show it because the day I took this picture I wasn't having a very good round but I got an on-in-2, down-in-2 par on this one.

. . . . and because there was a little extra scenery just off the tee to the left.

Jerry, you kept your head down on that one.  Now it's time for the exciting putt.

This is another one of my favorite holes, the 15th.  I think we may have sworn at this hole the most of any on the course.  It seems to cause us (well, at least me) the most trouble - - and balls of any on Eagle Vail.  And as the employees tee shirts used to say "It Takes Balls to Play Eagle Vail".

This is Sandy's favorite hole, the 16th.  She went wading in the pond here one day trying to get her ball back but ended up losing her footwear too.

Another view of the 16th green.

The hole I always hate to see coming.  The 18th.  It means another round is just about over.  That is the saddest part of the day.  It usually means we have to drown our sorrows at the 19th hole.  Although most of the time we are all ready fairly well oiled by this time of day.

Sometimes we play a round over at the old Vail Golf Club as well.  Here are a couple of shots from there.

This one is from the 9th tee with the Gore Range in the background.

And this is the 14th hole looking back at the Gore range.  I think this is my favorite hole on this course.

Well, that is the summary of this annual affair.  I could show many more pictures and write a book about all of the life experience and fun that has been had on this trek.  Hopefully these are enough to remind those of you involved and any others who care, of the memories represented here.  Hopefully this event will endure for another 25 or so years.

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