D and D Make it to Colorado

The Guys made it out over Labor Day and we spent a few days catching up on all that is new in the world, solving the important issues in life and being educated by Dickie as to the fine points of body piercing and it's effects on the American male.  We made it to a Broncos game, went up the side of America's Mountain, got Bee'd at Golden Bee and had a football Saturday watching the Falcons and Gators beat up on some directional schools.

The only records that were kept were of the trip up America's Mountain.  The rest was too extreme to be recorded for posterity.  Or . . . I was having too much fun to remember to use the camera.

First, we boarded the Cog Railway in Manitou Springs for the journey up the hill.  We were regaled with many very corny jokes, but were assured that if the cogs failed, we would be OK because there were too large springs at the bottom of the hill to catch us - - Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs.  Usually they also point out the Indian snow on hill - - a patchie here and a patchie there.  Only it has been so warm and dry out here this year that there was none to point out.  You get the idea of the kinds or jokes they tell on this ride.

There is plenty of beautiful scenery on the ride.  Usually there are some deer, elk and big horn sheep along the way.  But on this day all we saw were marmots.

We did make it up, and recorded the moment.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the players in this drama, that's Dickie on the left, then Sandy, John (your recorder) and The Donald.

It was a clear day and you could see the two Springs' down below.  Manitou toward the bottom of the picture and western Colorado Springs to the top.

A couple of points of interest.  Garden of the Gods is a park that extends from the left edge of this picture to the 'M' on the phrase My Parents House.  My parents house is the one above the 'r' in Parents and that is their driveway running from the house down to the 's' in House.

One more record of the guys at the summit of the hill.

America the Beautiful was inspired by the view from this point.

And the last picture here is of the train that got us safely up and down the hill.  In this picture it is at the top of the hill.

Hopefully, some of the rest of you Gainesville folks will make it out and we can finish solving the world's problems and see some of the country side out here.  Thanks for the visit guys.  We really enjoyed having you.

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