Well, I'm finally back for another story of the old guys and their journey through life.  This one revisits the recent wedding of one of the old guys' (Ed) daughter - Mindi.  We gathered in Sarasota for the event on January 18, 2002.  Some of us had a little further to go than others.  And between Delta Airlines, the Cincinnati Airport and the old Q, some of us had some unusual adventures during the trip.  As Don always says, "Hey if you get a story out of it, it's worth it".  And we made it.  Well, most of us made it.  Dickie, hope all is well.

Sandy and I flew in on Friday and drove down from Tampa.  We crossed over the Sunshine Bridge.

 (couldn't resist a couple of photos of this famous structure)

Now we're back to those birds that hang around the Gulf Coast (or Sunshine Bridge).  Does this one look like it's in formation?

We had to reacquaint ourselves with the area.  Took a little drive out to the various keys (This one is Lido Key).  Temperatures were around 80.  A little warmer than Colorado Springs.  The beach was inviting.

Stopped for a bit of lunch at Coasters

As Friday wore on the gang started to assemble.  Richard and Rodine were the next to arrive.

Don and Dee finally coaxed the Q into the parking lot.

And hail, hail the gang is mostly here.

Dinner was next on the agenda, and since no one had a better idea, it was back out to Coasters for a little dining on the deck.  Rodine really studied that menu. 

The wine was especially good and Don and I made sure that none was left in the bottles.

Saturday dawned and the weather continued to be magnificent.

The father of the bride, who had been in town all week, made it over to the pool.  You know how it goes for those guys.  All they have to do is show up, shut up and pay up.  Ed actually was told to get lost while the ladies were getting primped for the big event.

Darin was along to make sure Ed didn't get in too much trouble. 

The wedding was beautiful and the ceremony was appropriately short.

Boy this gang cleans up pretty good.  Don and Dee looked sharp.

Richard and Rodine too.  She tells me he wears this suit regularly when they go out to eat.

Sandy was spiffed up too.  (I stayed out of the picture to avoid camera damage)

The reception was outstanding.  This is the atrium where all gathered to visit and begin the festivities.

After a little mingling in the atrium, it was in to the dinning area.

Pretty fancy.  And very well done.  We had a great time.

The food was excellent.

And the original old guys (minus Dickie) got to tip another together.  Wow, it sure is nice to still be able to get together once and a while, even though it isn't very often.

Dickie, that is your chair in the foreground.

Matt and Mindi lead off as per plan.  That's Ed and Cheryl behind them and Michelle far left. Matts' family to the right.

And Dad does his thing.  Mom cries in the background.

Mindi leads off the dining.

And later they cut the cake.

I understand that Mom caught the bouquet.

And finally we got to spend a little time with Dickie.

A good time was had and the original cast was all most all together once more.  Hope we can get you all out to Colorado to enjoy the high country sometime soon.  Best to all, your humble assembler of the tale.