The Going Away Party - Farewell Gainesville

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This page is dedicated to the very special friends we left behind in Gainesville.  We miss them all very much.  They made our twelve years there very special.  We hope to keep in touch with them, visit them occasionally and hopefully host many of them on trips to the wild west.

On November 13, 1999 they threw us a wonderful going away party at the home of Ed & Cheryl Premo.  Below are two sections of pictures.  The first group are from a book they put together where they brought pictures from past occasions and placed them in a memory book for us.  The second batch are pictures taken mostly by Kathy Pierce with a few from Sandy and I.  I shall not try to be cute in making any comments about these pictures.  I just want to share them with all of those very special people we are honored to call our friends.


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The invitation

The hosts


Boy is this an oldie


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