Colorado Springs Winter Wonderland & Wildlife

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Here are some additional winter pictures from a snow storm we had in late January.  Some of you had asked what the view was from the front of the house, so there are a few of those.  Also are some critters that seem to wander through our yard most days.  I can't wait until we get it landscaped and they decide that it is the perfect item for their diet.

This is the view from our front door looking pretty much straight north.

This is the same direction only taken from the front curb

This is looking northwest from our front door.  If you use the zoom or binoculars, that is the Air Force Academy to the right of those mailboxes.  Those are deer tracks in the snow.

This is looking southeast out of the half bath off of the family room

This one looks to the south from the pool table room

Here we are looking south out of the bar room

This is looking west from the poker table area

This is a test.  We are looking south off the deck in our master bedroom.  Can you see the five big bucks that are laying on the bank in the snow.  This is a Saturday afternoon and they stayed there for over two hours. (hint - the one you probably have the most trouble finding is way left and you can only see part of him)

They walk up between us and the house to our west then between the houses, over the ridge and down the hill to the north.  I have never seen them going the other direction.  Sometimes there are 10 of them but lately we have only seen the five bucks.

Coming out of the valley

And more of them

And finally.  THE most important wild life in the neighborhood.  This is our new young'un - - Missy.  She is about seven months old and now has us about trained.

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