part Deux

Well, the gang is starting to submit additions to the story. For those of you that have all ready been here, I'll add them here rather than redo the original page. With only a small amount of magic - - we bring you the whole darn group.

We start on the left with Gregg (Don's oldest son), Then Gramps (Ed to those of us who love him), Jeff (Don's youngest son), Don (he only has two offspring he admits to), Yours truly (John - catcher of the largest fish), and last, but far from least, Richard (you remember - Gilligan from part one). To view this pic in a larger version - Click here

Here we get a look at our Captain - Ron. He and Gregg are admiring the first and I think only trout we caught. I don't think it looks like those Rocky Mountain Rainbows Gregg. Ed (the baby of the old guy group - although slightly older than Don's offspring) looks better without the hat.

Last year Ed and Richard started a tradition of us all smoking a cigar at Don's birthday celebration. Ed, I didn't remember that the pressure of catching a fish got so great that you traded in your beer for a second pole. Oh, I guess I caught some early. I hope nothing itched while you were being so dedicated to the sport, but I think your T-shirt shows your true colors.

Taking a break from the rigor of such a manly sport. They were fine cigars. Maybe it was good that Gilligan brought so many supplies - it gave us plenty of chairs.

This pic is included because the birthday boy took it and says he thinks they are swimming in formation. What formation is the one top left in Don?

Thanks for the additional pics guys. Jeff, I think you may have some we should include -like the biggest fish of the day. Send them along if you can.

Your humble web guy - - John

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