Post Script

OK, so by now you are all getting real tired of this ongoing saga of the great fishermen of the Southeast. Well, I think this is the last installment of the adventure. We just have a few more pix to share with you.

They are however, pretty exciting. You will finally witness the largest fish probably ever caught off Cedar Key. You may want to keep anyone who fancies themselves a fisherperson away from this sight. We wouldn't want them to give up their sport because of the discouragement of knowing they couldn't compete.

First though, we will show another picture of Jeff with a fish he caught. I mentioned earlier that he probably caught a wider variety (and more) fish than anyone else.

Next, we want to straighten out some of the confusion over Pelican formations. The official 'Old Guy' says he thought I would ALTER his picture of the Pelicans in "formation" to remove the one, who he says, "....didn't get the message". I want to make it very clear that we don't ALTER the pictures to protect the guilty.

Now, there are a group of pelicans who are preparing to get into formation. They are all checking around and calculating their next moves so they reach formation at exactly the correct moment.

Now they spring into action to get to their assigned positions. No, I don't know where the other two went. Maybe they were cut from the group because of past failures to learn the formations.

Now they have achieved the formation. This is called the "Oh Shit - They Just Threw Us A Fish" formation. Looks like the missing pelicans found their way into the final formation after all. Now Don, that is a formation.

AND NOW! ! ! The moment you have all been waiting for - - -

The largest fish caught on the adventure.

I told you it was worth waiting for. You should have been there for the fight this big guy put up. And I think you can see why we allowed him to continue life by releasing him. All those female fish would have surely missed this guy.

Well, with the full and complete story now told and all of the pictures in, the saga finally concludes.

Thanks again, your faithful and humble web guy - - John

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