That Moving Experience

The Pics

These are some of the first pics we took of the place after our arrival. They are all taken between November 22 and December 1, 1999

View from the Deck off Family Room.

View from the Lower level (future Pool Table room).

There are also some nice city lights views from the front of the house but I haven't gotten around to any night photography yet.

View from just inside the front door looking at Living Room with stairwell to lower level at right. Dining Room, Garage, Kitchen and Family Room are to the left. Office and Master Bedroom are to the right.

View from Living Room looking back at Front door with Dining Room to right. That is the front of the Garage you see through the window.

View from Dinette area of Kitchen looking back at Dining Room. The little step stool is not part of the planned decor. That is the bar and pantry on the left. The main part of the Kitchen is to the right.

View from the Dinette area into the main part of the Kitchen. That is a half bath in the back on the right.

View from Dinette into Family Room. Deck is to the right. Note the placement of a certain going away present on the entertainment center (until the bar area on lower level is complete). A special thanks to Richard and Ed N. for their brave effort.

View from Master Bath into Master Bedroom. Small deck is outside this room.

View from my side of the Master Bath to Sandy's side. The shower is big enough for a fairly large gathering. My side (left) and the Toilet and Bidet (right) are behind me.

One of the lower level guest rooms. They're ready for visitors if any of you are in the area.

This one is from the bedroom above looking over to the other side of the lower level. That is the area where the future "play room" is a work in progress. The other guest room and visitor bath is to the left of this picture. That is a small sitting area that you see on the left of this picture. Right now it has the furniture that was sort of left over from other rooms.

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