That Moving Experience

The Story

The trip out here was fun and pretty uneventful (not really a good story out of it Don). We drove in a two car caravan with walkie talkies to keep from losing each other. The fairer sex led the way and I tried to get my ole Z to go fast enough to keep up with old Barney Oldfield -- she prefers to be compared to Parnelli Jones. We left Gainesville right after our furniture (and the Corvette) was loaded on the North American truck on Tuesday the 16th of November (at about 6:30 PM). We wore out in Macon, GA and got a few hours sleep.

Next morning we fought our way through Atlanta's rush hour and had a nice drive through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois, to Columbia, Missouri. We spent the night there and then headed west the next morning.

We just got started and ran into an accident on I-70 just west of Kansas City that caused traffic to be backed up for about 45 minutes (I mean absolutely stopped - standing besides the vehicles wondering what was going on). After that it was clear sailing all the way to Colorado Springs. We arrived at about 5:30 PM and immediately went by our new house to see how it was coming. Some folks (the builders wife and daughter) were there cleaning it up. The appliance dealer was delivering the final appliances (refrigerator, washer and dryer) as well. We left and went to the motel to get some sleep.

Next day we did our walk through and took possession. The weather was great up to this point. Sunday we were sitting in the house watching TV (yea I bought another one) on the two folding chairs we picked up so we could sit down and it started to snow. The TV said to expect 1-3". Then the North American driver called and asked if it was snowing. I told him yes and that they were predicting 1-3". He said he would get to town and spend the night at the North American warehouse and delilver the furniture the next day. Within an hour after I talked to him, the weather person came on and said -- ooops -- maybe more like 8-12".

Well, we got all of that. He did show up the next morning (about 11 AM) and I had to put the Jeep in 4 wheel drive and go to Target to get a snow shovel. They dug their way in and delivered the furniture. In the process of being here all day, the driver's rig (Tony -he is a Gainesville resident) had the brakes freeze up and he spent Monday night in his sleeper at our curb. After he got the brakes loose, he was stuck. I took him to Home Depot to get some salt and he was able to be on his way by noon.

Since then it has been mostly cold with on and off smaller snow storms. We are getting settled in. We even have window coverings on all of the windows we think we want them on. We don't yet have the color accents on the widows though. That is next. The furniture is all in place and we are making progress on the wall hangings. We can now get 3 cars in the 4 car garage so the unpacking is nearing completion.

Well, for no story I typed a lot of words. If you made it through all of that, you are pretty up to date on the state of our being.

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