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To Part Deux To The Post Script

On Friday April 24, 1998, this adventurous group headed out to sea. The goal was to begin the celebration of one of their comrades (or father in some cases) reaching The Advanced State Of Being (or 60th birthday). The fish were in danger. There probably wouldn't be any left in the Gulf of Mexico for the Saturday fisherpersons. They will outlaw this group like they did nets.

One of them must of thought he was Gilligan because he brought enough supplies for a year on an island rather than a 6 hour fishing adventure. Through a few pictures here we will revisit major highlights of the adventure. Some of the major accomplishments (like THE largest true fish of the day) are not represented here because the cameraperson caught it and the rest were reluctant to record the event. That fish was so big we decided to let him have another chance at keeping the female fish happy - - we set him free.

Here we go - -

Love those hats guys. Don, why did you throw that really macho one of yours overboard? For those of you who may be looking at this but don't know the players, that's the old fart on the right - Don. With him are Ed - on the left (that hat makes you look like Grandpa Jones) and Gilligan (oops, I mean Richard). Richard's "old ladies gardening hat" was purchased at the hardware store just before sailing. Apparently he didn't want to damage any of the Scott Alarm hats. Nice T-shirt though Richard.

Ed, you look like you may have been up late last night. Gregg, you look ready to go. By the way, I like Gregg's apparel.

Jeff catches fish number one. I think Jeff also caught the largest variety of "stuff" although it may be hard to top Captain Ron's clam. Nice hat Jeff.

This was a nice spot to throw in for a while. The wind was a little strong while we were here. This is the spot where we "caught" the biggest "fish" we kept on board. Nice catch Don!!!

But Richard might have preferred you stuck to catching the kind that were swimming in the Gulf. Richard, I knew that hat would come in handy for something. I just didn't know it would be for catching Don's hook. You might also note that Don had done away with his "manly" hat by this point.

There were a lot of these fellows around. I missed the Dolphins that were chasing the fish away at the first stop. It was early, you guys had stowed my camera, I hadn't had any beer yet, and I was slow.

These guys were waiting patiently on our return. Now we're ready for those games the bartender has, let's test our brainpower after this grueling day at sea.

This fella was not going to wait in the water to see if we would feed him.

It was a fine day, thanks to all and especially the host and official old guy of our group - - Don.

If any of you have any pictures you would like to contribute, I would be glad to add them. I'll take suggested captions. Since I'm the one doing the page though, I get to add any appropriate comments.


To Part Deux To The Post Script

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