That Moving Experience

We two undertook to relocate ourselves to the cold, dry west. We left behind many friends and fond memories (also -- according to the other one of us -- a whole lot of heat, humidity and bugs that were big enough to need saddles). We will really miss the gang at Cooker, The Gators (It's still GREAT to be a Florida Gator), the many social interactive gatherings (Parties), and especially the many great friends we acquired in the 12 years we spent in Gainesville.

On this site, we will share a brief description of the trip out here (not that big a deal) and bring you up to date on the location of our new residence (pictures of the house and surroundings). If requested, we will add the pictures from the going away party. We have some of the pictures (thanks Kathy) taken at the party as well as the many provided in our going away book. You all looked beautiful and I looked like me. So if you aren't all afraid of your behavior and don't mind your likeness being displayed on this site - - they will come. Oh Hell, they may come anyway when I have a little more time.


Now on to the graphic evidence -----

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